Thank you Sponsor!

You are supporting the longest running sporting event and greatest tradition in Shelby County. The Germantown Charity Horse Show is a family event that has shaped our culture and continues to be a significant part of our history, not only for horse lovers, but also for the whole community. Generations have been attending and competing in this show, and many travel from all over the country to be a part of this great tradition.

Our show has changed through the years, expanding from daytime to days and nights; from a weekend to a week; opening our doors to different breeds and changing the competition to fit the current needs within our community. With these steps, we are ensuring another 69 + years of competition and tradition. We have always supported the many needs in the Shelby County community through various charities. Currently we support the Exchange Club Family Center of Memphis which stops the cycle of abuse and changes the future for victims of abuse. The Exchange Club has
molded strong community leaders from victims, and empowers them to help the next generation.

Your contributions are making history and creating a healthy path for the next generation. The Germantown Charity Horse Show Association is excited about our 69th show this June 6-10, 2017.

We are elated that you have decided to be a part of our tradition. Need more information? Please contact me with any questions or requests.

Bill Dudley
Vice President and Sponsorship Chairman

Sponsorship Forms are due by May 6th, 2017. 


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