Classes appended with .1, .2, etc. to be run concurrent, i.e. 607.1 and 607.2

Classic Fino

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
611OpenWed PM$30
613Open SchoolingWed PM$30
634AmateurThurs PM$30
665$500Amateur ChampionshipFri PM$65
668YouthFri PM$30
707$1500Open ChampionshipSat PM$160


ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
614Open SchoolingWed PM$30
617OpenWed PM$30
640AmateurThurs PM$30
656$500Amateur ChampionshipFri PM$65
695$1500Open ChampionshipSat PM$160


ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
606OpenWed PM$30
608Open SchoolingWed PM$30
624AmateurThurs PM$30
661Youth PasoFri PM$30
672$500Amateur ChampionshipFri PM$65
701YouthSat PM$30
710$1500Open ChampionshipSat PM$160

Misc Paso Fino Horse Classes

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
684Trail HorseSat AM$30

Paso Fino Classes must complete both forms.

USEF Entry Form

Paso Fino Entry Form