Paso Fino Classes

Classic Fino Classes:
623Open Classic FinotWed PM
626Open Classic Fino SchoolingWed PM
650Amateur Owner Classic Fino, Open, Five Years & OlderThurs PM
663Amateur Owner Classic Fino Schooling, 3 & 4 Year OldsFri AM
681Amateur Paso Fino Classic Fino ChampionshipFri PM
683Youth Paso Fino Classic FinoFri PM
724Open Classic Fino ChampionshipSat PM
Performance Classes:
629Open Paso Fino Performance SchoolingtWed PM
632Open Paso Fino PerformanceWed PM
654Amateur Owner Paso Fino Performance, Open, Five Years & OlderThurs PM
665Amateur Owner Paso Fino Performance, Open, Five Years & OlderFri AM
668Youth Paso Fino PerformanceFri AM
673Amateur Paso Fino Performance ChampionshipFri PM
709Open Paso Fino Performance ChampionshipttSat PM
Pleasure Classes:
616Open Paso Fino Pleasure
620Open Paso Fino Pleasure Schoolingt
641Amateur Owner Paso Fino Pleasure, Open, Five Years & Older
661Amateur Owner Paso Fino Pleasure Schooling, 3 & 4 Year Olds
678Youth Paso Fino Pleasure
687Amateur Paso Fino Pleasure Championshipt
729Open Paso Fino Pleasure Championship
Misc. Classes:
901Rachael Smith Memorial Costume ClasstTues PM
698Paso Fino Trail HorseSat AM
717Smooth Ride Challenge (riders must be 21 and over)Sat PM

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