English Pleasure Classes:
619Gypsy Vanner Open English Pleasure, Walk/TrotWed PM
622Gypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Amt., Walk/TrotWed PM
647Gypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/TrotThurs PM
713Gypsy Vanner English Pleasure Championship, Walk/TrotSat PM
Halter/In-Hand Classes:
602Gypsy Vanner Halter YearlingsFri AM
603Gypsy Vanner Halter MaresFri AM
604Gypsy Vanner Halter GeldingsFri AM
606Gypsy Vanner Halter, Youth HandlersWed PM
607Gypsy Vanner Halter StallionsWed PM
608Gypsy Vanner Halter Two Year OldstThurs PM
610Gypsy Vanner Halter, Amateur HandlersFri AM
611Gypsy Vanner Halter Three Year OldsFri AM
612Gypsy Vanner Halter ChampionshipFri AM
694.1Gypsy Vanner Showmanship, Youth HandlersFri AM
694.2Gypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, In HandSat AM
697.1Gypsy Vanner Open Trail Obstacle, In HandtSat AM
697.2Gypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, In Hand, Youth HandlersFri AM
697.3Gypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, In Hand, Amateur HandlersFri AM
Hunter Classes:
614.1Gypsy Vanner Hunter HackFri AM
662Gypsy Vanner Hunter Under Saddle, Walk/TrotFri AM
Misc. Classes:
613Gypsy Vanner Liberty Class (Top 5 Advance to Championship)tSat AM
639Gypsy Vanner Dressage Suitability, Walk/TrotSat AM
666Gypsy Vanner Amateur Walk/Trot/Canter, English or WesternSat PM
672Gypsy Vanner Liberty Championship (Top 5 from Class 613)Sat PM
700.1Gypsy Vanner Open Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle
700.2Gypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Youth Riders
700.3Gypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Amateur Riders
703Gypsy Vanner Amateur Walk/Trot Command Class
708Gypsy Vanner 3 Gait Championship, English or Western
719Gypsy Vanner Pro/Am Championship, Walk/Trot, English or Western
Western Pleasure Classes:
628Gypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog/Lope
633Gypsy Vanner Open Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog
635Gypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/Jogt
676Gypsy Vanner Western Pleasure Championship, Walk/Jog

* Gypsy Vanners may also show in Opportunity Carriage Driving and Open Breed Classes

* Dressage Classes are still TBD but will be held on Thursday Morning, June 7 at 9am

In order for GVHS points to count, the horse’s registration information and rider’s membership information must be provided when entered.

The rules of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS) will apply.


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