All owners, trainers and riders in American Saddlebred and Paso Fino classes must have a current United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) card. Please refer to the information below for specific breeds. Social Security or Federal Tax ID number is required for payee. Back numbers will not be issued until all paper work is complete.

All owners, trainers and riders in American Saddlebred classes must present copies of the following to the horse show secretary before numbers will be issued:

  • A current United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) card
  • Owners and trainers: current membership in the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA)
  • Horse registration papers showing proof of ownership
  • Current coggins

All owners, trainers and riders in Paso Fino classes must present copies of the following to the horse show secretary before numbers will be issued:

  • A current United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) card
  • Horse registration papers showing proof of ownership
  • Current membership in the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) with amateur status if applicable
  • Current coggins

All owners, trainers and riders in Racking Horse classes must present copies of the following to the horse show secretary before numbers will be issued:

  • A membership and/or show card issued by the Racking Horse Breeders’ Association of American (RHBAA)
  • Horse registration papers
  • Current coggins

* Speed Racking Horse participants will only need a current coggins to enter.

All horses must have a SHOBA Horse Registration number.

All owners, trainers and riders in Walking Horse classes must present copies of the following to the horse show secretary before numbers will be issued:

  • Amateur and youth riders must have a current Amateur Card issued by the Walking Horse Owners’ Association of American (WHOA)
  • Professional trainers must have a current membership in the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA)
  • Horse registration papers from the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitiors Association
  • Current coggins

All owners, trainers and riders in Gypsy Vanner classes must present copies of the following to the horse show secretary before numbers will be issued:

  • Current coggins
  • In order for point to count for GVHS awards, the rider must be a member of GVHS and the horse must have registration papers with GVHS.

ATTENTION DEVICES: GR839.4(i)Included under Cruelty and Abuse
Use of any explosive (e.g., fire crackers, torpedoes, fire extinguishers except in case of fire, etc.) or laser beam devices anywhere on the competition grounds, except in an exhibition or if required in class specifications.
SB103.9 Attention getting devices &/or other noisemakers (including but not limited to tape measures, blow horns, bamboo poles, explosives, fire extinguishers, baby powder, whips longer than 6′, etc.) are not allowed in and around the make up and competition rings during scheduled competition sessions. All such items will be confiscated and offenders will be reported to the USEF. (See also GR839.4i)

Entries must be prepared and report to the makeup area at least 10 minutes prior to the class in which they are entered.  Germantown Charity Horse Show will make every effort to announce the progress of the preceding class over speakers to the stable area.  Barn calls are a courtesy of the show.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to present your horse prior to the gate closing.

To be eligible for Championships, horse must have shown in another class in that division.

The Management reserves the right to limit entries, alter courses; prohibit or disqualify exhibitors; change, cancel, limit or combine classes at its discretion to compensate for excessive or inadequate entries or due to acts of nature, without claim for damages.

A Current negative Coggins Test certificate dated within one year must be included with entry. Health certificates with ALL ENTERED HORSES must be available as well.

Germantown has a strict “Leash Law”, and unleashed dogs are subject to impoundment and their owners fined. Impoundment is $30.00, initially and $9.00 per day for each day thereafter. Second offenses double the impoundment fee and third offenses triple the fee. The fine for a Rabies Tag Violation is $60.00.

At USEF licensed competitions, horses entering the grounds must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within 6 months prior to entering the stables. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be required to leave the competition grounds.

All show and warm up rings are made of all weather footing of sand and limestone screenings.  Arena dimensions as follows: Main Arena – 130’ x 250’, North Arena – 112’ x 215’, South Arena – 120’ x 224’.

Pre-entries close Friday, May 5, 2017. PLEASE DO NOT FAX ENTRIES! Every Exhibitor, rider, driver, handler and trainer or his/her agent(s) must sign an entry blank. In the case of a rider, driver or handler under the age of 18, his/her parents or guardian must sign an entry blank on the minor’s behalf. ALL CLASSES THAT ARE ENTERED BEFORE 1:00 p.m. ON THE DAY THEY ARE SCHEDULED RECEIVE A DISCOUNT OF $10.00 PER CLASS (exception – entries for morning classes should be made by 8pm on the night before). Stall fees must accompany entry to insure reservation. Make checks payable to Germantown Charity Horse Show, Inc. There will be a $50.00 returned check fee.

All Adds & Scratches must be made in the horse show office before the class starts. Anyone competing in a class in which they were not entered will be charged double entry fees.

No more than 2 parking and 2 exhibitor passes provided per entered horse or pony. Additional passes will be available in the horse show office at a cost of $5 per exhibitor pass and $10 per parking pass.

A one-­-time grounds Fee of $15.00 per day or $50.00 for the week of the show will be charged for each horse brought on the show grounds and not paying a stall fee.

The Horse Show Office will be open by 10:00 a.m. the day prior to the start of the show for processing entries.  The office will open 1 hour prior to the start of the show each day, and remain open ½ hour after the last class each day.  All fees must be paid in full, or an open check left at the horse show office, before numbers will be issued.

Horses and ponies without a current valid measurement card issued by USEF will be measured by the horse show steward. Check with the horse show secretaries for a measurement schedule.

Minors who do not have a valid driver’s license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license. The parent(s), legal guardian(s), or individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or guardian of a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that operation. Violations of this rule will be cause for sanctions against the parent(s), guardian(s) and/or trainer(s) who are responsible for the child committing the offense. Penalties may include exclusion of the child, parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) from the competition grounds for the remainder of the competition and charges being filed against any of the above individuals in accordance with Chapter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule.

In addition to the stall fee, a non-showing fee of $135 will be charged for each horse, pony, mule, etc. stabled on the grounds and not in a competition in a complete division. Non-showing horses must be on a signed entry blank on file with the horse show secretaries.

Only the official photographer(s) contracted by the GCHS are allowed to take and sell photos during and after the show. Photography and/or Video recording is allowed only in areas where the view of spectators is not obstructed. Only official photographers are allowed to take photos in the show ring. In addition, no images should be shot over the rail for publishing purposes depicting a horses’ motion unless by the official photographer. Camera lenses over 3 inches in length are considered professional and are not allowed except by an official GCHS photographer. Flash photography is strictly prohibited and violates USEF safety rules.

The show committee reserves the right to substitute a show official in the event of failure of an advertised show official to attend this show or perform his duties.

Horses and Riders/Drivers/Handlers entered in Opportunity Classes may cross enter into the rated/recognized classes at this competition and will be subject to USEF Membership Rules and Fees.

It is the tradition of the show ring that riders and drivers and handlers be correctly attired for all classes and that horses be properly presented. All riders in Hunter, Jumper and Hunter Seat Equitation sections must wear properly fitting, “approved” protective headgear while riding in the designated schooling and exercising areas, the show ring, and while mounted anywhere on the competition grounds. Harness must be secured and properly fitted. Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until his headgear is properly in place. Formal attire is required in the Grand Prix. Proper attire will be required in all Classics.

Entry fees will be refunded only upon presentation of a vet certificate before June 7th. After an entry is accepted, stall fees will be charged even if a horse is scratched. There will be a scratch fee equal to the office fee for any entry withdrawn/scratched after the entry has been accepted.

Neither the Germantown Charity Horse Show Inc., the manager, his employees or any other employee of the show will be responsible for any article of any kind or nature that may be lost, destroyed or stolen, nor liable for any injury sustained to horse, exhibitors, spectators or employees of exhibitors. The foregoing shall be included as a condition of entry.

The Germantown Charity Horse Show Association volunteers, officers and management assume no liability for any errors
that might appear on this website. Great care has been taken to provide accuracy and compliance to USEF rules and regulations.

Under Tennessee Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, title 44, chapter 20. 44-20-103. Limitation on liability for injury or death of participant Except as provided in §44-20-104, an equine activity sponsor, an equine professional, or any other person, which shall include a corporation or partnership, shall not be liable for an injury to or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. Except as provided in §44-20-104, no participant or participant’s representative shall make any claim against, maintain an action against, or recover from an equine activity sponsor, an equine professional, or any other person for injury, loss, damage, or death of the participant resulting from any of the inherent risks of equine activities.

RV Parking is available at a rate of $250.00 for the entire show or any portion of the show. Space is limited. RV spots must be reserved BY EMAIL WITH BARNEY MALLACE at: RV Registration card must be picked up in show office and displayed in a location visible from outside the trailer.

Permanent stabling of 262 stalls and additional tents are on the show grounds at a cost of $140 per stall. All stalls are approx. 10×10 w/ doors. All stall fees must be paid before stall will be reserved. Bagged shavings will be available through the show office and may be charged to your account. Stabling is available on a first-come, first- served basis. EMAIL Mark Farrar at for all stall reservations. Management reserves the right to close entries. Additional stalls are also available during the show at the Shelby Show Place Arena.

Due to limited space available, stall reservations must be EMAILED to MARK FARRAR at: by Friday, May 5, 2017. Stabling will be available from 12:00 noon on Sunday, June 4, 2017 until 12:00 noon on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

No class will be required to strip.

Only one (1) 5-minute time out may be requested per exhibitor per class. In case of casting a shoe or breakage of equipment in the paddock, the gate may be held no more than 3 minutes. There will be no delay after the first horse enters the ring, at which time the gate will be held for 2 minutes.

A trophy and ribbons 1st – 8th will be awarded in all classes unless otherwise specified. Prize money will be credited to exhibitor’s account and checks, if owed will be mailed within 30 days.