South Ring 7:30
406Warm up
24,25*1st Yr Green
29,30*2nd Yr Green
19,20*Green Conf.
180,181Reg. Conf.
176Thoroughbred u/s
127,128^Childrens 14 & U
129Child. 14 & U u/s
132,133^Childrens 15-17
134Child. 15-17 u/s
503Childrens Classic
211USEF Adult 3'3"
North Ring - 7:30
410Opp. Warm up
202Opp. SS Eq o/f 18"
166,167Opp. SS 9 & U 18'
169,170Opp. SS 10-12 18"
168Opp. SS 9 & U u/s
171Opp. SS 10-12 u/s
201Opp. SS Eq flat
405Warm up
162,163Pre Child. 2'6"
160Pre Adult 2'6"
161Pre Adult u/s
Jumper Ring - 8:30
215Talent Search
303Schooling 1.0m
306Lo Ch/Ad 1.0m
309Childrens 1.10m
312Adult 1.10m
315Modified 1.20m
319Jr/AO 1.30-1.40m
Main Arena - 4:00PM
505WIHS/NAL Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic – 1.15m – II,2a
508$5,000 Gamblers Choice – 1.10m-1.25m – FEI article 270
Main Arena - 7:00PM
619CARROpportunity Carriage Obstacle Course
620TWHEnglish Trail Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, No Canter
621GVGypsy Vanner Dressage Suitability, Walk/Trot
622RHNovice Speed Racking
623TWHTrail Pleasure Junior Walking Horses 5 & Under, No Canter (Riders Cup)
624PASOAmateur Paso Fino Pleasure
625TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Amt. Riders, English or Western, Canter
626CARROpportunity Working Pleasure, Amateur/Junior Novice Drivers
(drivers have never won a blue ribbon in a driving event)
627TWHLite Shod Walking Horses, No Canter (Riders Cup)
628RHTrail Pleasure English Racking
629TWHAll Day Pleasure Horses, English
630GVGypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Amateur Riders, Walk/Trot
631TWHClassic Park Pleasure Walking Horses, No Canter (Riders Cup)
632RHCountry Pleasure Racking
633TWHAll Day Pleasure Junior Horses 5 & Under
634PASOAmateur Paso Fino Classic Fino
635TWHClassic Park Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, No Canter
636TWHCountry Pleasure Walking Horses, Open, English or Western, No Canter (Riders Cup)
637RHFlat Shod Racking Horses
638TWHLite Shod Junior Walking Horses 5 & Under (Riders Cup), No Canter
639TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Owned and Trained, English or Western, No Canter
640PASOAmateur Paso Fino Performance
641TWH English Country Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, No Canter
642TWHLite Shod Walking Horses, Canter (Riders Cup)
* = Handy
^ 1st Round Classic

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