2022 Prize List can be found here


American Saddlebred Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
680$300Western Country PleasureFri PM$50
691$300Saddle & Bridle Shatner Western PleasureFri PM$50
706$300Saddle & Bridle Working Western PleasureSat AM$50
710$2000Western Country Pleasure ChampionshipSat PM$175

Opportunity Classes

CLassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
626Opportunity Hunter HackWed PM$30
630.2$300Opportunity Dressage Suitability, Walk/Trot
Classes 630.1 and 630.2 will run concurrently.
Wed PM$50
668$300Opportunity Hunter PleasureFri AM$50
672$300Opportunity English Pleasure, Walk/TrotFri AM$50
675$300Opportunity English Pleasure, Walk/Trot/CanterFri AM$50
677$300Ranch PleasureFri AM$50
678$300Ranch Riding PatternFri AM$50
707$300Opportunity Working Western PleasureSat AM$50
724$600Opportunity English Pleasure ChampionshipSat PM$75
727$600Opportunity Hunter Pleasure ChampionshipSat PM$75

Opportunity Sidesaddle Classes

ClassDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
609Opportunity Open Sidesaddle Walk/TrotTues PM$30
613Opportunity Open Sidesaddle Walk/Trot/CanterTues PM$30
624Opportunity Sidesaddle, Junior Riders 17 & Under, Walk/TrotWed PM$30

Classes offered for registered American Saddlebred horses as follows. Judging and Show Specifications for this Division please refer to USEF RULEBOOK CHAPTER SB101-SB197.