SPECIAL 2021 Notice

“Unfortunately we must prohibit the public, spectators, and non-essential personnel such as guests from being on the competition grounds until further notice. Competition Organizers must determine whether a sponsor can be present on competition grounds by assessing whether the sponsor meets the criteria of being essential to providing care to the horses or athletes, or provides direct services contracted by the Competition Organizer. If sponsors are present, they must comply with face mask/face covering, social distancing, and all other requirements”

Thank you Sponsor!

The Germantown Charity Horse Show is proud to be the longest running sporting event in Shelby County history. This family event has shaped the culture of Germantown and the surrounding area for generations and continues to play a significant role in the history and future of our community and supporting local charities.

In 2020 COVID-19 put a pause on the horse show and for the first time ever we did not hold the annual event. We are excited to announce the Germantown Charity Horse Show will be back in June 2021. We are thrilled to once again host horses and riders and cannot do this without your generous support.  Our sponsors are critical in making the show a success for both competitors and the charity, Kindred Place, that benefit from the event.

Like so much of our lives, things will look a little different this June in Germantown.  Because we are a national sanctioned show, we must follow the governing bodies guidelines and COVID-19 safety protocols.  Unfortunately, due to these protocols, we cannot fill our stands with spectators this year.  However, I am pleased to share that sponsors are permitted on the horse show grounds along with exhibitors, trainers, grooms, volunteers, government officials, and staff. While we would prefer to welcome all in our community to join us at the show, we know these temporary measures are just that…. temporary. We plan to host the biggest show ever in 2022.

Meanwhile, in 2021 We are working hard on some “outside of the box” ideas to ensure our sponsors are spotlighted and thanked for sticking with us in such unusual circumstances.  The show will look quite differently this year but the horses are ready and the exhibitors are very excited to come home to the Germantown Charity Horse Show. Thank you again for your support and commitment to the show.


Virginia Walker

GCHS Vice President


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