Box Seats

Thank you to our Box Seat holders. Your continued support and enthusiasm is so much of what make the GCHS a top-notch experience!

Our annual Box Seat Decorating Contest will be held Saturday evening, June 10, with judging after the Grand Prix of Germantown. Our judges can’t wait to see your creative and fun ideas.

Prizes will be awarded! Our 2023 categories will be announced by May 1.

General Box Seat Information:

Box seats are offered to returning box seat holders first. If you received an email or letter regarding your box seats, you have the first option to reserve the same box for $300 per box.

If we don’t have commitments or payment from our returning box seat holders by the deadline, your box will be considered open and available for someone else. We have a long waiting list of fans who want to experience the show!

You will have the option to pay online for your box once it has been confirmed by the box seat committee. To pay with a credit card, click the green box below. Please fill out all the information so we can keep track of the box seats. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Beth Dudley (

Thank you again for your support of the Germantown Charity Horse Show!

gchs box seats