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2022 Classes 

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English Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
631$450Open English Pleasure, Walk/TrotWed PM$65
635$450English Pleasure, Walk/Trot/CanterWed PM$65
655$300English Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/TrotThurs PM$50
717$2000English Pleasure Championship W/TSat PM$175

Halter In-Hand

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
602$450Halter YearlingsTues PM$65
604$450Halter Two Year OldsTues PM$65
606$450Halter Three Year OldsTues PM$65
608$450Halter Four Year OldsTues PM$65
610$300Halter Youth HandlersTues PM$50
612$450Halter Mares 5 & OverTues PM$65
614$450Halter Geldings 5 & OverTues PM$65
616$300Halter Amateur HandlersTues PM$50
618$450Halter Stallions 5 & Older
Tues PM$65
620$1000Halter Championship
First and second place winners from classes 602, 604, 606, 608, 612, 614, and 618 are eligible to show back in the championship.
Tues PM
702.1$300Showmanship, Amateur Handlers Sat AM$50
702.2$300Showmanship, Youth HandlersSat AM$50
702.3$300Showmanship, Open
Classes 702.1, 702.2 and 702.3 will run concurrently.
Sat AM$50


ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
625$300Hunter HackWed PM$50
670$300Hunter Under Saddle, Walk/TrotFri AM$50


ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
622$450Liberty Class (Top 5 Advance to Championship)Tues PM$65
630.1$450Dressage Suitability, Walk/Trot
Classes 630.1 and 630.2 will run concurrently.
Wed PM$65
674$300Amateur Walk/Trot/Canter, English or WesternFri AM$50
681$2,000Liberty Championship
The top 5 winners from class 622 are eligible to show back in the championship.
Fri PM$175
712$4503 Gait Championship, English or WesternSat PM$175
722$2,000Pro/Am Championship, Walk/Trot, English or Western
May qualify in any professional or amateur class. The professional rides the first way of the ring, amateur rides the second way.
Sat PM$175

Trail Obstacle

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
704.1$300Open Trail Obstacle, In HandSat AM$50
704.2$300Trail Obstacle, In Hand, Youth HandlersSat AM$50
704.3$300Trail Obstacle, In Hand, Amateur Handlers
Classes 704.1, 704.2, and 704.3 will run concurrently.
Sat AM$50
705.1$300Open Trail Obstacle, Under SaddleSat AM$50
705.2$300Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Youth RidersSat AM$50
705.3$300Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Amateur Riders
Classes 705.1, 705.2, and 705.3 will run concurrently.
Sat AM$50

Western Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
640$450Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog/LopeWed PM$65
645$450Open Western Pleasure, Walk/JogWed PM$65
646$300Western Pleasure, Amateur/Youth, Walk/JogWed PM$50
686$2000Western Pleasure Championship, W/JFri PM$175

* Gypsy Vanners may also show in Opportunity Carriage Driving and Open Breed Classes

In order for GVHS points to count, the horse’s registration information and rider’s membership information must be provided when entered.

The rules of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS) will apply. www.vanners.org