Non-USEF Form

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
English Pleasure Classes:
624$600Gypsy Vanner Open English Pleasure, Walk/TrotWed PM$65
627$600Gypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Amt., Walk/TrotWed PM$65
653$300Gypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/TrotThurs PM$45
721$2,000Gypsy Vanner English Pleasure Championship, Walk/TrotSat PM$160
Halter/In-Hand Classes:
602$600Gypsy Vanner Halter YearlingsTues PM$65
603$600Gypsy Vanner Halter MaresTues PM$65
605$600Gypsy Vanner Halter GeldingsTues PM$65
608$300Gypsy Vanner Halter, Youth HandlersTues PM$45
610$600Gypsy Vanner Halter StallionsTues PM$65
611$600Gypsy Vanner Halter Two Year OldsTues PM$65
613$300Gypsy Vanner Halter, Amateur HandlersTues PM$45
614$600Gypsy Vanner Halter Three Year OldsTues PM$65
615$2,000Gypsy Vanner Halter ChampionshipTues PM$160
701.1$300Gypsy Vanner Showmanship, Youth HandlersSat AM$45
701.2$300Gypsy Vanner Showmanship, OpenSat AM$45
Class 701.1 and 701.2 will be shown concurrently.
Hunter Classes:
619.1$300Gypsy Vanner Hunter HackWed PM$45
619.2Opportunity Hunter HackWed PM
668$300Gypsy Vanner Hunter Under Saddle, Walk/TrotFri AM$45
Misc. Classes:
617$600Gypsy Vanner Liberty Class (Top 5 Advance to Championship)tTues PM$45
644.1$600Gypsy Vanner Dressage Suitability, Walk/TrotThurs PM$45
644.2Opportunity Dressage Suitability, Walk/TrotThurs PM
Class 644.1 and 644.2 will be shown concurrently.
672$300Gypsy Vanner Amateur Walk/Trot/Canter, English or WesternFri AM$45
679$2,000Gypsy Vanner Liberty Championship (Top 5 from Class 617)Fri PM$160
710$300Gypsy Vanner Amateur Walk/Trot Command ClassSat AM$45
716$600Gypsy Vanner Open Trail Obstacle, Under SaddleSat PM$65
727$2,000Gypsy Vanner Pro/Am Championship, Walk/Trot, English or Western
May qualify in any professional or amateur class. The
professional rides the first way of the ring, amateur rides the
second way.
Sat PM$160
Trail Obstacle:
704.1$300Open Trail Obstacle, In HandSat AM$45
704.2$300Trail Obstacle, In Hand, YouthSat AM$45
704.3$300Trail Obstacle, In Hand, AmateurSat AM$45
Class 704.1, 704.2, and 704.3 will be shown concurrently.
707.1$300Open Trail Obstacle, Under SaddleSat AM$45
707.2$300Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, YouthSat AM$45
707.3$300Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Amt.Sat AM$45
Class 707.1, 707.2 and 707.3 will be shown concurrently.
Western Pleasure Classes:
633$600Gypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog/LopeWed PM$65
638$600Gypsy Vanner Open Western Pleasure, Walk/JogWed PM$65
640$300Gypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/JogtWed PM$45
683$2,000Gypsy Vanner Western Pleasure Championship, Walk/JogFri PM$160

* Gypsy Vanners may also show in Opportunity Carriage Driving and Open Breed Classes

* Dressage Classes are still TBD but will be held on Thursday Morning, June 7 at 9am

In order for GVHS points to count, the horse’s registration information and rider’s membership information must be provided when entered.

The rules of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society (GVHS) will apply.