It is with great pleasure that we welcome spectators and participants to the 2019 Germantown Charity Horse Show. For seventy-one years, this Horse Show has welcomed exhibitors from all over the United States to compete and exhibit the magnificent athleticism of horse and rider. As one of the largest all- breed horse shows in the United States, we see a huge variety of breeds in our show rings, including Hunters, Jumpers, Racking Horses, Gypsy Vanners, Paso Finos and many others.

Dating to the Horse Show’s beginning in 1947, families and neighbors have met at the show to spend a fun afternoon or evening together cheering on their favorite horses and riders. It is these families that form the core of this show and keep it growing. We are proud to boast third- and even fourth-generation competitors, who have made it a family tradition to come to Germantown to compete every year. Many of today’s Germantown Charity Horse Show Association Members became involved through their parents’ or grandparents’ participation. At the same time, many become involved after their children become avid horse enthusiasts and there are those who are members of the various charities that the Germantown Charity Horse Show supports. We openly welcome all who come to enjoy this great event. Our area is known for hospitality and this show is no exception. So many of our exhibitors tell us that this makes the GCHS the highlight of their show year.

As always, the families of spectators, exhibitors, vendors, and our committee come together each year to make Germantown Charity Horse Show such a fun and exciting week for all—and for a good cause. We are proud to continue to support Kindred Place, a remarkable organization focused on family as well. Kindred Place provides education, therapy, rehabilitation, and safety in the present, and they serve families of the future by breaking the cycle of abuse.

Again, welcome to the 71st annual Germantown Charity Horse Show! Your attendance and support are deeply appreciated and we wish everyone a fun and safe week. Let’s all sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Bill Dudley – GCHS President