Thank You to all our Exhibitors!

The 2022 Germantown Charity Horse Show is very grateful for the presence and support of our exhibitors. Without you, this 73nd anniversary of our Horse Show would not have been possible.

We are extremely dedicated to you! The Germantown Charity Horse Show is known for its hospitality and charity. We take great pride in making sure that your time with us is comfortable and enjoyable. Be sure to stay on the lookout and take advantage of our Welcome Wagon which comes around twice a day serving water, lemonade & sweet tea to keep you refreshed & hydrated. Also, join us every afternoon for wine and cheese. And don’t forget the Exhibitor’s Party!

Proceeds from the show and sale of programs go to our benefiting charity, Kindred Place, a counseling and education center for adults and children. Through classes, individual session, and group therapy, help families navigate the challenges of parenting and partnerships to build stronger connections, improve communication, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

To every family that spends time on our showgrounds, we hope your days are filled with enjoyment and life-long memories. To all of you who have worked hard for this year’s competition, our family wishes you luck. Thank you for making the Germantown Charity Horse Show part of your summer.




Ross Herrin