Affiliated with the WHOA-HIO

The Walking Horse Division will be conducted according to the current rules of the Walking Horse Owners’ Association HIO.  Every horse must be registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA).  A horse must be entered under its originally recorded name unless the name has been officially changed. It must be entered under the name of the owner of record or the registered farm name. All amateur and youth riders must be a member of WHOA for 2016.  All professional trainers must be a member of the WHTA for 2016.  Please refer to the WHOA Rule Book for judging and class specifications.  A copy of those rules can be found at or by calling 615-494-8822.


Attention Walking Horse Exhibitors:

The information required for entries in Walking Horse classes is the horse’s registration number, rider’s amateur or juvenile card number and the trainer’s license number. The DQP will not inspect any entry that does not have these numbers listed on the class entry sheet.

For your convenience, daily entries may be called into the Horse Show Office (901) 754-0009 by 1:00 p.m. or made in person by 5 p.m. of the day your class shows.

If a class is not designated as “Canter”, the class is a specialty class.

Classes are English or Western unless specified.

TWH/Racking Horse Entry Form

All Day Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
651$300EnglishThurs PM$45
655$300Junior Horses 5 & UnderThurs PM$45
662$300Amateur Owned & TrainedThurs PM$45
695$300WesternFri PM$45
715$300Youth 17 & UnderSat PM$45
736$600ChampionshipSat PM$65

Classic Park Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
641$450English (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
657$300Amateur Riders, EnglishThurs PM$45

Country Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
623$450Open (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
632$450Junior 5 & Under( Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
661$300Amateur Riders, EnglishThurs PM$45
664$300Amateur, Junior 5 & UnderThurs PM$45
684$300Youth Riders 17 & UnderFri PM$45
691$300Amateur Owned and TrainedFri PM$45
697$300Amateur Riders, WesternFri PM$45
730$600Championship, Amt. or YouthSat PM$65
738$2,500Championship, Open, (Riders Cup)Sat PM$160

Lite Shod

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
626$450Junior 5 & Under (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
649$450English (Riders Cup)Thurs PM$55
686$300Amateur Riders, EnglishFri PM$45
699$300Western (Riders Cup)Fri PM$45
722$2,000Championship, English (Riders Cup)Sat PM$160

Trail Pleasure

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
620$450Junior 5 & Under (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
629$450Open (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
635$4502 & 3 Year Old, Open (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
639$450Open, Canter (Riders Cup)Wed PM$55
643$300Amateur Riders, EnglishThurs PM$45
647$300Amateur, CanterThurs PM$45
659$300Amateur Owned and TrainedThurs PM$45
665$3002 & 3 Year Old, AmateurThurs PM$45
682$300Junior 5 & Under, AmateurFri PM$45
693$300Youth Riders 17 & UnderFri PM$45
700$300Amateur Riders, WesternFri PM$45
720$600Western Championship,
Amateur or Youth Riders
Sat PM$65
724$600English Championship,
Amateur or Youth Riders
Sat PM$65
728$2,500Championship, OpenSat PM$160

Miscellaneous Classes-Walking Horse

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
676$300Pleasure DrivingFri PM$45
702$300Model (Riders Cup)Sat AM$45
706$300Trail ObstacleSat AM$45
733$600Youth Flat Shod ChampionshipSat PM$65