The $25,000 Grand Prix of Germantown

512. Grand Prix

Starting Fee $450

grand prix

Each competitor will jump one round over a course of 12 – 15 jumps. After the first round, in the event of equality of faults for first place only, there will be one jump off in which time will decide the winner. The remaining competitors will be placed according to their faults only in the first round. In ties for other than first place, placings will be decided by time in the first round.

The order of GO will be drawn at Noon Saturday, June 9th. In the jump off, if any, all horses will go in original drawn order. Standing martingales are prohibited. Only running martingales used in the customary manner are permitted.


  • Horses must be entered and prepared for checkin by 5:00pm Friday, June 5.
  • To be eligible, all horses must be entered in one other Nominated jumper class in this show.
  • Formal attire required. No exceptions.
  • Biographical scripts of horses and riders are required before entry will be accepted.
  • Horses must be on the horse show grounds for the 24-hour period prior to the class start time. Check in will be at 5:00 pm Friday. Make sure horses are in stalls with back numbers hanging on stall for check in.
  • Poling and/or the use of offsets will not be permitted for horses participating in this or any other class.