Obituary for Tempe Virginia Walker

Tempe Virginia Walker, 49, of Germantown passed away at her home
Saturday, August 7th.

Virginia lived a life most could only strive to achieve. Her love of family,
friends, and her community knew no bounds and was simply contagious.
Virginia was the first to arrive to celebrate the good times, and the last to
leave when anyone needed a favor, or a shoulder to lean on. Her passing
came too soon, and leaves the countless who loved her with a void, but a
directive to follow her life of service and to always make time for others.

Virginia’s passion for her community was seen in her work as former
president, board member, and soon-to-be president once again of the
Germantown Charity Horse Show. She was the Show’s ultimate ambassador
in her tireless commitment to engage the community, welcome the horses
and riders and build on the long success of supporting local charities.

Virginia was a lifetime member of St. George’s Episcopal Church; she was
sure and steadfast in her faith. She recognized that all of God’s children and
creatures deserved love and dignity without fail. She believed this creed and
lived it in her daily life. Much of her service to God was quiet and without
fanfare. Only if you asked what she was doing that day would she tell you
that she was dropping off items at the food bank, collecting toiletries for
another charity and bringing comfort to a sick friend. Virginia’s acts of charity
and kindness were done through her love of Christ, and never for self or

Virginia valued and cultivated friendships that lasted the entirety of her life.
She relished spending time embarking on canoe trips, competing on a BBQ
team and leading other adventures, all to bring those she loved together and
share a good laugh along the way. Virginia was always up for a spontaneous
road trip, party or just a quick chat by phone. Her loyalty, love for, and ability
to make time for her friends was unfailing.

Above all, Virginia thrived on spending time with and caring for her family.
From the standing Friday dinner and game night, hosting Christmas dinner,
showing up to a niece or nephew’s cheer competition or basketball game, or
planning a family vacation, Virginia was there for all of it. Virginia’s bond with
her siblings was unique and defied limits. She radiated that love with regular

texts, phone calls, visits and willingness to show up at any Hard Rock Café,
at any time, for a quick tequila shot and walk down memory lane. Virginia
often spoke of her deep love for her family, and the need to always find the
time to be together. As the family planner and organizer, Virginia’s list of
things to do, people to call and more plans to make was never ending.
Virginia always made sure everyone’s needs were addressed and no detail
was too small to accomplish that goal. Her love for her family was known,
felt, and seen every day; it shined brightest when she was with any one of

Virginia is survived by her mother “Foxy,” Mrs. Harold D. Walker Jr., her
siblings, Hannah von Lackum Walker, Snow Walker Jumper & husband
Chris, Harold DeFord Walker III & wife Amy & their children, Mari Lampton,
Ann Elise and Hank. Virginia is also survived by the love of her life, Brent

Virginia’s love was pure and all consuming, and her passion for others
radiated every day. It is incumbent upon us to take up her mantle, serve our
community and always make time for loved ones. Above all, like Virginia, we
must be steadfast in our faith in God and love for all.

Services were held 11:00 am, Thursday, August 12th, at St. George’s
Episcopal Church, 2425 S. Germantown Road., Germantown, TN.

In lieu of flowers, memorials in her honor can be made to Germantown
Charity Horse Show, St. George’s Episcopal Church Pipe Organ Fund,
Collierville Food Pantry, Operation BBQ Relief, or a cause that Virginia
inspires in you.