Miscellaneous Classes

Miscellaneous Classes

ClassPremiumDescriptionSessionEntry Fee
601Rachael Smith Memorial Costume ClassTues PM$5 per participant.
'-Entry Deadline: 5 PM on Tuesday, June 8
-Open to contestants who have not yet reached their 18th birthday.
-May lead, ride, or drive a horse or pony.
-To be judged Most Original, Most Authentic, Most Humorous and Most Beautiful.
-Trophy to the winner of each category judged.
-Safety Helmets are required for all mounted participants.
-Not more than 10 individuals may participate with one entry.
624LeadlineWed PM$20
'-Entry Deadline: 5 PM on Wednesday, June 7
-Each participant will receive a ribbon.
627Smooth Ride ChallengeWed PM$20
'-Entry Deadline: 5 PM on Wednesday, June7.
-Open to participants 21 years of age or older.
-To be shown at a walk and favorite gait. The judge may call for a halt or gait extension. A canter or lope may be required in the event of a tie.
-The entry with the most liquid left in their glass will be the winner. The winner will receive a prize package from Germantown Village Wine & Liquor.
713Stick Horse RaceSat PM$5
'-Entry Deadline: Enter at the princess tent before the end of the Grand Prix.
-Open to participants 6 years of age and younger.
-Each participant will receive a ribbon.
-You can bring your own stick horse or purchase one at Charity’s General Store.

Fun at the Rachel Smith Memorial Costume Class