Life, senior active and junior active members shall be eligible to participate in
all classes at Regular Competitions, Eventing Competitions at the Preliminary
Level or above and Combined Driving Competitions at the Advanced Level,
Dressage, Reining and Vaulting Competitions and Endurance Rides. A
nonmember may participate as a handler, rider, driver, owner, lessee, agent,
coach or trainer at Regular Competitions, Eventing Competitions, Dressage
Competitions, Reining Competitions and Combined Driving Competitions
upon payment of a $45 Show Pass fee. Participants in the following classes
are exempted from the Requirements of this rule: 1) leadline; 2) exhibitions;
3)games and races; 4) classes for 4-H members; 5) walk trot and academy
classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a
lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level tests, pas de deux and quadrille
classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Competitions. 8) Opportunity classes, 9)
citizens of other nations who have proof, in English, of current membership in
good standing of their own National Federation, 10) USEA beginner novice
division; and 11) assistant handlers in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes.