Versatility Challenge

Some horses succeed in the Hunter Ring – some, in the Jumper Ring.

Very few are great in both rings.

Keepsake was a very special horse that could do it all.

A 1990 Dutch Warmblood, Keepsake began her career in the show ring with a bang. Shortly after her arrival on the scene, she was winning, and winning big, in the Regular Working Hunters. She moved into the Jumper Ring and won many classes while simultaneously carrying her amateur rider around the Hunter Ring. It was always quite a sight to see her win a 3’6” jumper class while the same day taking good care of her other rider in the Pre-Adult division.

Through the following years she was a fixture at countless shows, competing successfully in the Adult Jumpers, Equitation, A/O and Adult Hunter divisions. Her notable record includes many Zone and WTHJA year-end awards.

Keepsake was always game to do whatever was asked of her with a happy disposition, including trail and cross-country rides. And, not to a lesser degree, she was one of the sweetest and kindest horses one could ever want to own or ride.

The Keepsake Perpetual Trophy is donated by Barney Mallace & Peggy Jones.

513. Versatility Challenge

Entry fee: $300

(No Jumper Nominating Fee unless applicable for other jumper classes)

Class Specifications

Open to all riders and horses. Ponies may not compete. The same rider must compete in both phases. Cross-entry is dependent on current USEF and USHJA Zone 4 rules. This class will not count toward any USEF National or Zone awards.

Part A. Classic Hunter Style Round

  1. A minimum of ten (10) obstacles will be offered in the Classic Hunter Style Round.
  2. Fences will be set at 3’3” to 3’6” in height.
  3. Course to include at least one In & Out, one Bending Line and one fence with a long approach.
  4. Jumps: Typical hunter-style jumps to be used in this round.
  5. Points awarded for placings 1st – 12th as follows: 26-22-20-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10.

Part B. Jumper Speed Round

  1. The top twelve horses from the 1st round will be eligible to return for the Jumper Round.
  2. This phase to be conducted under Table II.1 – fastest clear round.
  3. A minimum of eight (8) obstacles will be offered in the Jumper Speed Round.
  4. Fences will be set at 3’6” in height, spreads not to exceed 4’0”.
  5. Course to include at least 1 combination (double or triple) and 1 water obstacle.
  6. Jumps: Without a complete transformation of the original Hunter course, typical jumper- style fences with striped rails will be used.
  7. Points awarded for placings 1st – 12th as follows: 26-22-20-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10.

Overall Awards

The horse with the highest point total from both rounds will be the winner. Only ties for 1st place will be broken with a shortened jump-off course. All other ties will be decided on by the tied horses scores in the hunter round. The tied horse with the highest hunter round score will take the lead (for example: entry #s 227 and 301 are tied for 3rd place overall. Entry # 227 had a hunter round score of 80 and entry #301 had a hunter round score of 77 so #227 would end up 3rd overall and #301 would end up 4th).

Overall placings will be 1st – 8th with prize money distributed as follows:

1st $1250

2nd $1000

3rd $750

4th $500

5th $450

6th $400

7th $350

8th $300

9th – 12th Ribbons