South Ring 7:30  
257Warm up - if time
68,69AO 3'3" 18-35
73,74AO 3'3" 36+
58,59^AO 3'6" 18-35
63,64^AO 3'6" 36+
78,79^Sm Junior 15 & U
83,84^Sm Junior 16-17
88,89^Lg Junior 15 & U
93,94^Lg Junior 16-17
98,99^Sm Junior 3'3"
103,104^Lg Junior 3'3"
5063'3" Jr/AO Classic
307Eq 15-17 flat
308Eq 15-17 o/f
310WTHJA Medal
312ASPCA / Maclay
North Ring - 7:30
260Pony Warm up
108,109Sm/Med Green Pony
113,114Lg Green Pony
128,129^Large Pony
123,124^Medium Pony
118,119^Small Pony
319WIHS Pony Eq
309WTHJA Pony
258Warm up - if time
196Pre Child
197Pre Child u/s
113,134Ad Am 18-35
138,139Ad Am 36+
Main Arena - 8:00AM
668OPENOpportunity Hunter Pleasure
669PASOAmateur Paso Fino Pleasure Schooling, 3 & 4 Year Olds
670GVGypsy Vanner Hunter Under Saddle, Walk/Trot
671PASOAmateur Classic Fino Schooling, 3 & 4 Year Olds
672OPENOpportunity English Pleasure, Walk/Trot
673PASOAmateur Paso Fino Performance Schooling, 3 & 4 Year Olds
674GVGypsy Vanner Amateur Walk/Trot/Canter, English or Western
675OPENOpportunity English Pleasure, Walk/Trot/Canter
676PASOYouth Paso Fino Performance
677OPENRanch Pleasure
678OPENRanch Riding Pattern
Jumper Ring - TBA -Approx 10:00
318WIHS Jump. Eq
316USHJA 3'3"
508Jr/AO Classic
Main Arena - 4:30PM
501Pony Hunter Classic – 2nd Round
505Germantown Hunter Classic – 2nd Round
Main Arena - not before 6:30PM
679.1CARRExhibition Scurry Races - Horses
679.2CARRExhibition Scurry Races - Ponies 14.2 & Under
680ASBWestern Country Pleasure
681GVGypsy Vanner Liberty Championship
683PASOAmateur Paso Fino Performance Championship
684RHOpen Speed Racking
685TWHTrail Pleasure Junior Walking Horses 5 & Under, Amateur Riders, English or Western, No Canter
686GVGypsy Vanner Western Pleasure Championship, Walk/Jog
687TWHCountry Pleasure Walking Horses, Youth Riders 17 & Under, English or Western, No Canter
688PASOYouth Paso Fino Pleasure
689CARRExhibition Working Pleasure Driving Junior Exhibitor Championship
690TWHLite Shod Walking Horses Amateur Riders, English or Western, No Canter
691ASBSaddle & Bridle Shatner Western Pleasure
692RHCountry Speed Racking
693PASOAmateur Paso Fino Classic Fino Championship
694TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Owned and Trained, English or Western, No Canter
695PASOYouth Paso Fino Classic Fino
696TWHCountry Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Owned and Trained, English or Western, No Canter
697RHCountry Pleasure Racking, Lady Riders
698PASOAmateur Paso Fino Pleasure Championship
699TWHAll Day Pleasure Horses, Western
700RHTrail Pleasure Western Racking
701RHJunior Speed Racking, Horses 3-4 Years