Our Charity

The Germantown Charity Horse Show is proud to sponsor as our charity Kindred Place (formerly known as the Exchange Club Family Center). This 2023 show will mark our 23rd year to help raise funds for this vital organization. Begun in 1984 to help prevent child abuse, Kindred Place’s mission is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by replacing abusive and violent behavior with effective parenting skills.

Kindred Place is here for every family that needs a little help getting along. At one time or another, that pretty much means everyone. We believe that for every challenge, there is a solution, and for every conflict, an answer.

Our goal at Kindred Place is to empower families and the individuals within them to recognize and address their unique strengths, bonds, and needs, and, in turn, build better connections.

From classes that offer practical parenting skills to counseling and coaching sessions for doing deeper work, our team of therapists and coaches meet people where they are and help them get where they want to be.

“Every donation to Kindred Place is a long-term investment in a peaceful community”, said Jennifer Balink, Board President of Kindred Place. “For more than 20 years, the Germantown Charity Horse Show has empowered our mission to build strong, healthy family relationships in every neighborhood, urban and suburban, all across the Greater Memphis community. We are grateful for the financial support and the ongoing partnership.”

Kindred Place offers classes, counseling and coaching to help families build stronger connections, improve communications, and resolve conflicts peacefully. Financial support from donors and partners, especially the Germantown Charity Horse Show, funds income-based assistance for any family that needs it.

The Germantown Charity Horse Show has sponsored Kindred Place as its charity since 1999. Since then, more than $800,000 has been raised to support the organization and its mission.

Proceeds from GCHS program ad purchases benefit Kindred Place. Program ads can be purchased online at www.kindred-place.org/gchs or by emailing info@kindred-place.org.

For more information about the help Kindred Place offers families, please see their website.

Kindred Place is located at 2180 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 38104, between S. Cox Street and Summitt Street.