The Germantown Charity Horse Show is proud to sponsor as our charity the Exchange Club Family Center. This 2018 show will mark our twentieth year to help raise funds for this vital organization. Begun in 1984 to help prevent child abuse, the Exchange Club Family Center’s mission is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by replacing abusive and violent behavior with effective parenting skills.

The Exchange Club Family Center offers programs and services in three major areas: family violence, parenting education, and anger management. Last year, the center served over 4,000 clients and family members in the Mid-South area, according to their website. It is one of 76 Exchange Club Centers in the nation.

The Germantown Charity Horse Show has sponsored the Exchange Club Family Center as its charity since 1999. Thanks to this partnership, more than $700,000 has been raised over 19 years to support the Family Center’s mission to end family violence. These funds provide professional counseling, group therapy, and educational programming for children, adults, and whole families. As Family Center Executive Director Jennifer Balink points out, “Every donation is an investment in healthy relationships and non-violent conflict resolution – the hallmarks of a kindred community.”

For more information about the help the Exchange Club Family Center offers families, please see their website at:

The Exchange Club Family Center is located at 2180 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 38104, between S. Cox Street and Summitt Street.