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South Ring 7:30  
70,71*AO 3'3"18-35
72AO 3'3"18-35 u/s
75,76*AO 3'3" 36+
77AO 3'3" 36+ u/s
60,61*AO 3'6" 18-35
62AO 3'6" 18-35 u/s
65,66*AO 3'6" 36+
67AO 3'6" 36+ u/s
317WIHS Hunter
80,81*Sm Junior 15 & U
82Sm Junior 15 & U u/s
85,86*Sm Junior 16-17
87Sm Junior 16-17 u/s
90,91*Lg Junior 15 & U
92Lg Junior 15 & U u/s
95,96*Lg Junior 16-17
97Lg Junior 16-17 u/s
100,101*Sm Junior 3'3"
102Sm Junior 3'3" u/s
105,106*Lg Junior 3'3"
107Lg Junior 3'3" u/s
North Ring - 7:30
110,111Sm/Med Green Pony
112Sm/Med Green u/s
115,116Lg Green Pony
117Lg Green Pony u/s
130,131*Large Pony
132Large Pony u/s
125,126*Medium Pony
127Medium Pony u/s
120,121*Small Pony
122Small Pony u/s
313M&S / U.S. Pony
135,136^Ad Am 18-35
137Ad Am 18-35 u/s
140,141^Ad Am 36+
142Ad Am 36+ u/s
502Adult Classic
321ARIAT Adult 3'0"
Main Arena - 9:00AM
701.1GVGypsy Vanner Showmanship, Youth Handlers
701.2GVGypsy Vanner Showmanship, Open
Class 701.1 and 701.2 will be shown concurrently.
702TWHModel - Walking/Racking (Riders Cup)
703ASBHunter Country Pleasure
704.1GVGypsy Vanner Open Trail Obstacle, In Hand
704.2GVGypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, In Hand, Youth Handlers
704.3GVGypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, In Hand, Amateur Handlers
Class 704.1, 704.2, and 704.3 will be shown concurrently.
705PASOPaso Fino Trail Horse
706TWHTrail Obstacle - Walking/Racking
707.1GVGypsy Vanner Open Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle
707.2GVGypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Youth Riders
707.3GVGypsy Vanner Trail Obstacle, Under Saddle, Amateur Riders
Class 707.1, 707.2, and 707.3 will be shown concurrently.
708ASBSaddle & Bridle Working Western Pleasure
709OPENOpportunity Working Western Pleasure
710GVGypsy Vanner Amateur Walk/Trot Command Class
711CARROpportunity Obstacle Driving
Jumper Ring - 5:00
512 The $25,000 Grand Prix of Germantown
712OPENStick Horse Races!
Main Arena - not before 6:30PM
713.1CARRExhibition Carriage Obstacle Barrel Races - Horses
713.2CARRExhibition Carriage Obstacle Barrel Races – Ponies 14.2 & Under
Class 713.1 and 713.2 will be shown concurrently.
714ASBWestern Country Pleasure Championship
715TWHAll Day Pleasure Horses, Youth Riders 17 & Under
716GVGypsy Vanner 3 Gait Championship, English or Western
717PASOOpen Fino Performance Championship
718RHSpeed Racking Horse Grand Championship
719CARROpportunity Best Carriage Dog
720TWHWestern Trail Pleasure Championship, Amateur or Youth Riders, No Canter
721GVGypsy Vanner English Pleasure Championship, Walk/Trot
722TWHLite Shod Walking Horse Championship, English, No Canter (Riders Cup)
685.1CARRExhibition Working Pleasure Driving Championship
724TWHEnglish Trail Pleasure Championship, Amateur or Youth Riders, No Canter
725OPENSmooth Ride Challenge (riders must be 21 and older)
726RHTrail Pleasure Racking Championship
727GVGypsy Vanner Pro Am Championship, Walk/Trot, English or Western
728TWHMarilyn Lubin Memorial Trail Pleasure Walking Horse Championship,
Open, English or Western, No Canter
730TWHCountry Pleasure Walking Horse Championship, Amateur or Youth Riders, No Canter
731OPENOpportunity English Pleasure Championship
732PASOOpen Classic Fino Championship
733TWHFlat Shod Walking Horse Championship, Youth 17 & Under, No Canter
734OPENOpportunity Hunter Pleasure Championship
735RHCountry Pleasure Racking Championship
736TWHAll Day Pleasure Horse Championship
737PASOOpen Paso Fino Pleasure Championship
738TWHMarilyn Lubin Memorial Country Pleasure Walking Horse
Championship, Open, English or Western, No Canter (Riders Cup)