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South Ring 7:30
255Warm up - if time
145,146^Childrens 14 & U
147Child. 14 & U u/s
150,151^Childrens 15-17
152Child. 15-17 u/s
503Childrens Classic
305Eq 12-14 Flat
306Eq 12-14 o/f 2'6"
320THIS Medal 3'0"
311USEF Adult 3'3"
323NCEA 3'3 Medal
324Nat'l Horse Show 3'3"
North Ring - 7:30
259Opp. Warm up
302Opp. SS Eq o/f
198,199Opp. SS 9 & Up
201,202Opp. SS 10 & Over
200Opp. SS 9 & U u/s
203Opp. SS 10 & Over u/s
301Opp. SS Eq flat
256Warm up - if time
194,195Pre Child. 2'6"
192Pre Adult 2'6"
193Pre Adult u/s
Jumper Ring - 8:30
440.8-.85m Schooling
315Talent Search
403Schooling 1.0m
406Lo Ch/Ad 1.0m
409Childrens 1.10m
412Adult 1.10m
431YJC 5yr old 1.15m
415Modified 1.20m
434YJC 6yr old 1.20m
437YJC 7yr old 1.30m
419Jr/AO 1.2m
422Jr/AO 1.30m
425Jr/AO 1.40m
Main Arena - 4:00PM
507WIHS/NAL Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic
510$5,000 Gamblers Choice
Main Arena - Not before 6:30PM
The entry deadline for these classes is 5 PM on 6/9. Enter by 1 PM and save $10 per entry.
647.1CARRExhibition Carriage Gamblers Choice - Horses
647.2CARRExhibition Carriage Gamblers Choice - Ponies 14.2 & Under
648TWHAll Day Pleasure Horses, Youth Riders 17 & Under, English or Western
649RHYouth Speed Racking, Riders 17 & Under
650PASOAmateur Paso Fino Pleasure, Open, Five Years & Older
651CARRExhibition Working Pleasure, Amateur/Junior Novice Drivers (drivers have never won a blue ribbon in a driving event)
652RHTrail Pleasure English Racking
653TWHAll Day Pleasure Horses, English
654RHNovice Speed Racking
655GVGypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/Trot
656RHCountry Pleasure Racking, Gentlemen Riders
657TWHAll Day Pleasure Junior Horses 5 & Under, English or Western
658PASOAmateur Classic Fino, Open, Five Years & Older
659TWHClassic Park Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, English, No Canter
660RHPleasure Racking
661PASOAmateur Paso Fino Performance, Open, Five Years & Older
662TWHAll Day Pleasure, Amateur Owned & Trained, English or Western
663TWHCountry Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, Western, No Canter
664RHWestern Pleasure Racking
665TWHLite Shod Walking Horses, Open, Western, No Canter (Riders Cup)
666RHKeg Shod Racking, Open
667.1TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, Western (concurrent)
667.2TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Youth Riders, Western (concurrent)