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South Ring 7:30  
251Warm Up - if time
16Green Conf. Model
22Hi Perf. Conf Model
28-29Green 3'0"
48,49Young 3'0"/ 3'3"
33,34Green 3'3"
158,159Thoroughbred 3'0"
38,39^Green 3'6"
53,54Young 3'6"
17,18^Green Conf. 3'6"
23,24^Hi Perf. Conf. 3'9"
43,44^Green 3'9"
1,2^Hi Perf 4'0"
6,7^Perf. 3'6"
11,12Perf. 3'4"
North Ring 7:30
252Warm up - if time
178,179USHJA 3'0"
182USHJA 3'0" u/s
173,174USHJA 2'9"
177USHJA 2'9" u/s
183,184Baby Green 2'6"
185Baby Green u/s
168,169USHJA 2'6" / 2'3"
172USHJA 2'6" / 2'3" u/s
163,164USHJA 2'0"
167USHJA 2'0" u/s
153,154Ch Pony 2'0-2'6"
157Ch Pony u/s
186,187Mod Ch/Ad 2'9"
Jumper Ring 9:00
401Schooling 1.0m
404Lo Ch/Ad 1.0m
407Childrens 1.10m
410Adult 1.10m
429YJC 5yr old 1.15m
413Modified 1.20m
432YJC 6yr old 1.20m
416Modified 1.30m
435YJC 7yr old 1.30m
417Jr/AO 1.20
420Jr/AO 1.30m
423Jr/AO 1.40m
4261.20m/1.30m Amateur
Main Arena – 4:30 PM
511GCHS Hunter/Jumper Versatility Challenge
Main Arena – Not before 6:30 PMClick Here To View Schedule
601OPENRachael Smith Memorial Costume Class
602GVGypsy Vanner Halter Yearlings
603GVGypsy Vanner Halter Mares
604OPENStick Horse Steeplechase
605GVGypsy Vanner Halter Geldings
606OPENFamily Class
607SSOpportunity Sidesaddle WT
608GVGypsy Vanner Halter, Youth Handlers
610GVGypsy Vanner Halter Stallions
611GVGypsy Vanner Halter Two Year Olds
612SSOpportunity Sidesaddle WTC
613GVGypsy Vanner Halter, Amateur Handlers
614GVGypsy Vanner Halter Three Year Olds
615GVGypsy Vanner Halter Championship
616OPENAdult Costume Class
617GVGypsy Vanner Liberty Class (Top 5 Advance to Championship)