North Ring - 7:30
254Warm up - if time
180,181USHJA 3'0"
175,176USHJA 2'9"
206,207USHJA 2'6"
170,171USHJA 2'3"
165,166USHJA 2'0"
155,156Ch Pony 2'0" - 2'6"
303Eq 11 & U flat
304Eq 11 & U of 2'3" flat
190,191Pre Ad 2'3" / 2'6"
188Mod. Ch/Ad 2'9"
189Mod. Ch/Ad u/s
Jumper Ring - 9:00
253Warm up - if time
30,31Green 3'0"
32Green 3'0" u/s
50,51Young 3'0"
52Young 3'0" u/s
35,36Green 3'3"
37Green 3'3" u/s
50.1, 51.1Young 3'3"
52.1Young 3'3"
160,161Thoroughbred 3'0"
162Thoroughbred u/s
40,41*Green 3'6"
42Green 3'6" u/s
55,56Young 3'6"
57Young 3'6" u/s
19,20*Green Conf. 3'6"
21Green Conf. u/s
25,26*Hi Perf.Conf. 3'9"
27Hi Perf.Conf. u/s
45,46*Green 3'9"
47Green 3'9" u/s
3,4*Hi Perf. 4'0"
5Hi Perf. 4'0" u/s
8,9*Perf. 3'6"
Jumper Ring - 9:00
439.8-.85m Schooling
402Schooling 1.0m
405Lo Ch/Ad 1.0m
408Childrens 1.10m
411Adult 1.10m
430YJC 5yr old 1.15m
414Modified 1.20m
433YJC 6yr old 1.20m
436YJC 7yr old 1.30m
418Jr/AO 1.20m
421Jr/AO 1.30m
424Jr/AO 1.40m
Main Arena - 5:00PM
509Welcome Stake Open Jumpers - 1.40m – II,2a
623Lead Line
South Ring after Perf. 3'6"
13,14*Perf 3'3"
15Perf 3'3" u/s
143,144Children's 14 & U
148,149Children's 15-17
Main Arena - Not before 5:00 PM
509Welcome Stake Open Jumpers
623Lead Line
Main Arena - Not before 6:30 PMThe entry deadline for these classes is 4 PM on 6/5. Enter by 1 PM and save $20 per entry.
625GVGypsy Vanner Hunter Hack
626OPENOpportunity Hunter Hack
627OPENSmooth Ride Challenge (Exhibitors 21 & Older)
628.1TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, English, No Canter (concurrent)
628.2TWHTrail Pleasure Walking Horses, Youth Riders, English, No Canter (concurrent)
629PASOOpen Paso Fino Pleasure
630CARRExhibition Working Pleasure Driving, Junior Exhibitors
631.1GVGypsy Vanner Dressage Suitability, Walk/Trot (concurrent)
631.2OPENOpportunity Dressage Suitability, Walk/Trot (concurrent)
632GVGypsy Vanner Open English Pleasure, Walk/Trot
633TWHLite Shod Walking Horses, English, No Canter (Riders Cup)
634PASOOpen Paso Fino Pleasure Schooling
635TWHAmateur Riders on Junior Country Pleasure Horses, 5 & Under, English or Western, No Canter
636GVGypsy Vanner English Pleasure, Walk/Trot/Canter
637PASOOpen Classic Fino
638TWH2 & 3 Year Old Amateur Trail Pleasure, English or Western
639CARRExhibition Working Pleasure Driving Single/Multiple Horse
640PASOPaso Fino Country Pleasure
641TWHCountry Pleasure Walking Horses, Amateur Riders, English, No Canter
642CARRExhibition Working Pleasure Driving, Single/Multiple Pony
643PASOOpen Paso Fino Performance Schooling
644GVGypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog/Lope
645PASOOpen Paso Fino Performance
646GVGypsy Vanner Open Western Pleasure, Walk/Jog
647.1GVGypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Riders, Walk/Jog (concurrent)
647.2GVGypsy Vanner Western Pleasure, Amateur/Youth Owned and Exhibited, Walk/Jog (concurrent)