Join us Saturday evening for our annual Big Hats & Bow Ties competition! This fun contest infuses the crowd with a festive spirit as participants display their finest hats and neckwear in a broad range of colors and style.

Big Hats & Bow Ties will be judged during the Grand Prix, and judges will move about in the crowd to make sure they see all participants. Prizes will be awarded and the winners will be announced after the Opening Ceremony. Competitors of all ages are welcome!

This year, the judging categories are:

Most Beautiful
Most Original
Best Men’s Ensemble (hat and tie and coordinating appointments!)
Judges’ Choice

Please note that hats and ties are not required for Saturday evening. The contest is optional and casual dress is always welcome at the show!


The Carriage Hats competition will be judged during the Adult Carriage Pleasure Driving Championship class, and prizes will be awarded. This competition is open to carriage drivers. Any carriage drivers who are not driving in the Championship who wish to be in the contest should come to the Nashoba Carriage Association box seat during the Championship class.

It will be a night you won’t want to miss at the Germantown Charity Horse Show!